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Website Accessibility Statement

Inn on the Beach is committed to making its services and products accessible to everyone. Our website accessibility team have made improvements to our website making it easier for persons with disabilities to use. We are also making every effort to meet the evolving accessibility standards, including those set forth in 36 CFR Parts 1193 and 1194 (January 18, 2017).

Here are a few of the improvements we continue to make to our website:

Language Tagging

Each page on our website will be compatible with language information-assist systems, including audible speak-back software and Braille translators. These forms of information assistance are available on all our website pages. We are also working on providing sign language interpretation and pre-recorded audio content in synchronized media as an alternative to text.

Label Tags

We have increased labels and titles to make it easier to find items and navigate using fewer keystrokes.

Image Text Alternatives

We have addressed missing label tags on images throughout our website to make it easier for persons with visual or cognitive disabilities to find information on our site. We are working towards having a corresponding image for every page on our website that you can use as an alternative to text. We are making every reasonable effort to render images functional so that one can find the content one is looking for quickly. We are making it possible to navigate content without having to distinguish among colors.

Easier Keyboard Access

We have improved keyboard navigation on our website, a functionality we will continue to improve going forward.

Re-Sizing Text

We have facilitated changing text size, font style and spacing between lines to making our website more user-friendly. Large-scale text and images of large-scale text will have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1. We are also adding a zoom feature for further enlargement when needed.

Video and Audio Controls

We are adding easy to find controls for prerecorded audio and visual content.

Partial Conformance where Full Accessibility is Not Possible

Some of the pages on our website may not conform fully to existing accessibility standards if accessibility support for them does not exist. For such pages, if any, every effort is being made to make them conform to existing guidelines. Such partial non-conforming content may exist, for example, where a third party has contributed content that is non-conforming.

Web Accessibility Partner

We have a web accessibility partner who works with our web accessibility team to update our website and content to integrate new apps and releases that will make it easier to use our services and products. Our company is committed to working with our accessibility partners in an ongoing effort to improve our website making it more accessible for everyone.

Future Changes

With the aim of increasing access to our services and products, we have committed to following the evolving standards regarding accessibility and will continue to work with our accessibility partner to upgrade our existing legacy system.

Inn on the Beach believes in unimpeded information access. We continue to design our website so that it will be accessible to all users while navigating, understanding, seeing, and interacting with the website.

Please help us with our ongoing efforts to make our website better for all users. Should you find that something on our website is not accessible, we welcome your suggestions for further improvement. Please contact us using the support links below.

For assistance contact:
General Manager
Inn on the Beach
(727) 360-8844
[email protected]

If you have any questions, please call 727.360.8844